Gifty Payment & Invoicing Process

When paying for your Gifty credit, you will be issued with a corresponding Invoice. Gifty is VAT exempt and VAT will not be applied to the opening Gifty purchase transaction. At the end of your Selection Window, you may be due a credit rebate on unengaged Gifty sends. In this instance and as per the Gifty model, a 15% fee will be applied to any such rebate. VAT will be applied at the standard rate on the rebate only.


  1. Gifty Credit Purchase - €10,000 (VAT Exempt)
  2. Gifty Rebate - €1,250
  3. Gifty Fee (15% of Rebate) - €187.50 & 21% VAT = €226.88
  4. Net Rebate - €1,250 – €226.88 = €1023.12

A VAT invoice will be issued to your business in relation to any credit rebates that occur in connection with your account.

Selection Window - The Gifty model provides Gifty Corporate Customers with the ability to tailor the duration of a Gifty promotion (“the Selection Window”). As standard, the Selection Window is set at 3 months however Gifty Business Clients reserve the right to adjust this.

Gifty credit must be paid fully in advance before associated Gifty Links from an order can be issued.

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